Why do I write blogs?

Documenting my learning and creating beginner-friendly content.

The main reason for me to blog, is to write about things I learned and difficulties I faced while learning something new so that if a beginner is starting on the same journey, they might quickly understand beginner stuff and quickly move to intermediate level.

We usually learn complicated concepts with hard work and dedication but as we work on it for few days, those concepts become easy for us, and at that time if a beginner asks us about that concept we explain with lot jargons and might not be able to explain in a beginner-friendly way.

so I feel the solution for this to try to write a blog about what I learn so that it might help beginners and even for me to refer in the future. So basically for Beginner friendly documentation.

Learning by teaching

I believe I learn more when I am able to teach a concept to someone in simple words. Teaching to others also improves communication skills.
If I am able to explain a concept to a person without much jargon and in a simple way, means that I have learned that concept correctly. So second reason is to teach what I have learned, by which I learn in more depth. One of the best ways to test whether I understood something is to explain it to someone else.

Habit > motivation

I want to develop the habit of learning a new concept in Machine learning every week. And when I learn something I will write a blog on it.
So indirectly, excitement and maintaining consistency of publishing blog every week will keep me motivated to learn a new concept in ML every week.
Making a habit of writing a blog with consistency is difficult. But once this becomes a habit it is much better than striving for motivation. Building a system of habit is much better than motivation.

Expand my network and learn from Feedback

I want to expand my network and connect with like-minded people and learn from them. As I expand my network, I will get more feedbacks for the blogs I write.
Feedbacks play a vital role for a writer and helps to improve. Feedbacks and suggestions always improve writing, and may sometimes be an eye-opener.
Positive feedbacks motivate me to write more, whereas, negative feedback helps me grow and get better.


Blogging increased my confidence. I don’t know why, but I am now much confident to post a blog compared to posting my first blog. I still remember I did not published and post my blog on social handles for 7 days after writing it, and used to check the entire content to see if everything is correct. Writing blogs has increased my confidence, both in terms of depth of understanding a concept and expressing my voice in social media.

Coming to Monetization,
I don’t want to monetize my blog. Actually, I don’t feel like reading blog which contains ads around them, so I don’t want to give that trouble to the readers. Maybe in future, if there is a way, by which I can monetize the blog without disturbing readers than surely I may try that option.

My Future plan in blogging

I want to cover as much as the topic I can in Data science which is necessary for beginners to start the journey in data science. I also want to write about python and how to effectively use it for competitive programming.

P.S : I have learned a lot about deep learning from fastai, and was inspired by Racheal Thomas’s blog Why you should blog?
If you have not read it, please do read it.

Thanks for your time and reading!

See you until the next article!

Originally published at https://blog.learnwithdata.me.



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